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Saturday, February 13, 2010

About Us

Papa Sez and Mama Sez are on their second decade together. In fact, one of those milestones they are celebrating during this Island Travel Adventure is their 11th Wedding Anniversary! And they will be on the road on this date!

They have graduate degrees in the biological sciences and have worked in the academe, industry and business in various roles from Research Assistant, Manager to President of their own company.

The past year, they opted to concentrate on rearing their young brood, with their two youngest still a tot and an infant. It has been the best year of their married life. It was an opportunity to be with the kids when they're most impressionable; and this is also from knowing that The Years are Short.

It was a time for retrospection and introspection, and to decide on the here and now to influence the future. During this period, writing about what they've found out and what they're learning produced the following:
They're obviously enjoying their blogging and see the many possibilities in the internet.

One of the best insights in their study about happiness is that "Money can buy you happiness, if you spend it on experience, not stuff", which was elaborated in Happiness is an Island Travel Adventure.  This insight was also key to their decision to embark on this summer adventure for the family.

Join them in this road trip and experience how it is to travel with four kids in the islands of the Philippines for two months!

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3 comments: on "About Us"

Dhemz said...

glad to be here...enjoy your trip! thanks for coming by on my kitchen!

george said...


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So if you are interested in being a guest, please let me know.

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Warm Regards,
George Christodoulou
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Papa Sez said...

Thanks for the compliment George. I'll check your blog and email you asap.


Papa Sez

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