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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Island Travel Kick Off Promo

On March 22, our family is set to start our grandest vacation ever. Besides doing it for the first time, our summer family vacation entails driving thousands of kilometers, riding six ferries, crossing many islands and visiting even more towns and cities all over the Philippines in 60 days, such that the experience ought to be shared with as many people as possible.

How can we do that? By offering a "kick off promo!"

The promo consists of three contests that can be participated in by various communities.

1. "GUESS WHERE WE ARE" is a contest open to all.

During our Island Travel, we will be posting blogs and photos of the places we went to.  In certain days, we will pose the challenge "guess where we are."  Anybody can give one guess per day by commenting on that particular post/photo and win between $2 to $5 depending on the degree of difficulty of the challenge.  Answers (=guesses) to a particular challenge may be posted in the comment box until declared closed by admin.  Challenges will be spread throughout our 60 days of travel around the Philippines.

The person with the most accurate answer wins.  For example, the photo used in the challenge was taken in front of Davao City Hall.  Dennis was first to post the answer "Davao City."  Brenda and Matt were the 7th and 10th to post, respectively, but both answered "City Hall of Davao."  Brenda would win the prize as hers and Matt's answer is most accurate plus she posted it earlier than Matt.

Anybody can join in the fun as long as these two simple requirements are met to facilitate identification and payment of prize: a) must follow Island Travel blog as a google follower, Facebook Networked Blogs follower, Twitter follower, or email subscriber (see buttons below); b) must be ready to provide email address, and paypal or BPI account numbers for payment of prize.  If you prefer other means of payment, please contact admin at islandtravelphilippines[at]gmail.com to inquire. 

For bloggers, here's a sample blog post for this contest: ISLAND TRAVEL'S GUESS WHERE WE ARE CHALLENGE that you can use for the BLOG IT CONTEST below.

2.  "BLOG IT"  is a contest open to all bloggers.

To join, bloggers should blog about this promo and use the buttons at the right side to refer their readers to this page.  As there are three contests ("Guess...", "Blog It" and "Blog that Photo"), you have the option to write just one post detailing the three contests or three separate blog posts to introduce the contests individually to your readers.  One post is equivalent to one raffle entry.  A blogger can have up to three entries (=posts) per blog.  If a blogger has more than one blog site, he/she can still write posts for the other blog sites and get more chances to win.

What are at stake?  For the raffle, two $5 prizes are to be given away.  Another $5 will be awarded to the best blog post in terms of quality of the post and quantity of visits generated by the post..

So join now and beat the others to the draw.  When your blog post(s) is (are) ready for inspection, kindly send an email to islandtravelphilippines[at]gmail.com.  This contest is open now until May 15.  Winners will be announced before the month of May ends.

Here's a sample blog post for this contest: ISLAND TRAVEL'S BLOG IT CONTEST

3.  "BLOG THAT PHOTO" is a contest also for bloggers.

We expect to be posting many photos of the places we'll visit and faces we'll encounter during our Island Travel adventure.  We don't want them to go to waste, but instead we want to show them to as many people as possible.

Since "a picture paints a thousand words", we want you to take those words from the photos and write it as a post in your blog site.  You may choose any of the photos posted from the start of our travel to the end.  There's no limit to the number of entries (=posts) you can submit. The last blog post entry should be done on or before May 31.

The only requirements are: a) put the "BLOG THAT PHOTO" contest button prominently on your blog post; b) attribute the photo(s) you used to the specific page(s) you found the photo(s) in this blog site; and, c) email islandtravelphilippines[at]gmail.com each time you post so that we can check it out.

What are at stake?  The best "blog that photo" post will be awarded $15.  The second and third placers will receive $10 and $5, respectively.

How do we determine the winners?  This is a two-stage contest.

i.) After May 31, we will choose the top ten "blog that photo" posts based on quality.  Did the blog post do justice to the photo selected?  Is it free from careless errors in writing?  Is it appealing to the general public?  There is no minimum or maximum length of posts as these depend on the subject (photo) and the style of the blogger.  We will leave that up to individual blogger's judgment.

ii.) After the top ten are identified, these will be voted upon by readers and followers of Island Travel.

So join now!  With these three contests, there's a chance for everyone to participate and win!

Here's another contest: Island Travel Promotional Video and Contest

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9 comments: on "Island Travel Kick Off Promo"

redamethyst said...

I'm about to post about this na. hehe. sorry it was delayed, I just finished my review for another contest, so by this weekend I can post this. :D

bambie said...

wish you all the best with the contest...oh, and i hope you and your family enjoy your vacation! :)

Papa Sez said...

@Red, thanks & I look forward to your blog post.

@Bambie, thanks for your good wishes for us. I hope you join any or all of the contests, too. See you around =)

Ellen Joy said...

Hi! Joining the Blog That Photo contest :) Should I also post the link here after sending the email?

Island Travel said...

Hi Ellen Joy, thanks for joining the Blog That Photo contest. You have a nice entry about DDD DavaoDurianDeliciouso. Please post the URL (link) at the new page dedicated for this contest or click this link so that others may see it as well.

kikamz said...

this looks like a fun contest! i will definitely join. will blog about it soon! and have fun on your vacation ! wow, around the philippines in 60 days.. i have been dying to go on one!

Island Travel said...

Hi kikamz! We're looking forward to your blog posts as entries to the contests.

We've been dreaming about traveling the country for many years, we just have to do it this time. Hope you'll get your chance as well...and very soon at that =)


Carmen A. said...

Have a grand vacation. I'd love to see the photos you'll post.

Papa Sez said...

Yes Carmen, we're pretty excited about the places and faces we'll see. We'll share the photos as soon as we're able to...hopefully every night sana if & when we have access to the internet.

Please join the Blog That Photo contest...at iba pang contest dito.


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