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Friday, February 12, 2010


We've been dreaming of this road trip for many years. Now we're finally taking the plunge!

The nationwide island traveling party is composed of our immediate family, i.e. two adults and four kids ages 10, 7.5, 2.5 years and an 11 month-old baby. An uncle is traveling with us in the van, while grandpa and his caregiver will be joining us in about half of the time in Luzon.

We will write and post photos about our day-to-day adventure in this travel blog, and utilize our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more frequent updates. So join in the adventure by following us or subscribe via email or RSS. We have placed the icons at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

You can learn more about us in the following pages: Why We're Doing It, Travel Plan, and About Us.

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3 comments: on "Welcome"

yashiro said...

Great that you'll be cruising the Philippines. That's one of my dream to visit all the places here in the Philippines but of course there are factors to consider and the number one factor is financial. Maybe once we got off that problem will be able to do it also. Again GOD BLESS on your cruise!

Island Travel said...

Thanks yashiro for your well wishes on our road trip. Only a few more days and we're off, ready or not...LOL.

I hope you'll get to fulfill that dream of yours as well. Please check this travel blog often so you can get some ideas from our experience.


Papa Sez

Pearl said...

This is exciting! My family also loves roadtrips!

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