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Friday, February 12, 2010

Why We're Doing It

Have you ever felt at some point in your life that the right time has come for you to do something beyond the ordinary?

For us, now is the right time to fulfill our dream of taking the family to a road trip for two months and explore the many beautiful places in the Philippines. It's quite liberating!

Hmmm...it's as if we've been shackled all this time and we've just been freed. Well, it's almost like that. Read more about why it felt that way in this hub Happiness is an Island Travel Adventure that also tackles a powerful insight about "buying experience, not stuff."

The timing is also right.  We're starting the journey towards the beginning of summer when our older kids get off from school.  Factors such as work commitments, age of kids, money and attitude that's been preventing us from taking the trip are now just about right as well.  Papa Sez elaborated about these factors in a blog post Our Summer Family Vacation: An Island Travel Adventure.  Family milestones, celebrations and commitments also came into play as explained by Mama Sez in The Countdown Begins.

We see this island travel adventure as just the first of the many that we're gonna be doing as a family.

So why are we doing it?  The short answer is because we want to and because this time we can.  Isn't that FUN?!

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1 comments: on "Why We're Doing It"

Weekend Haven said...

I hope you're enjoying your vacation here. There's so much to see. :)

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