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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Laguna, Nang Ikaw ay Marating Ko

March 25, 9:13PM (Day 5), San Pablo City- After 1602 kilometers of travel, we're in our first home base province, Laguna. We'll be staying put for about 10 days and move around Southern Tagalog region coming mostly from Los Banos or San Pablo where many of our relatives and friends live (in other words, free lodging...LOL).

It was indeed a most welcome sight to find familiar faces and knowing that it's the closest we can get to the feeling that we're home. A warm late dinner was prepared by my brother's family and we're glad to see that Lolo Ben and our scholar have settled down after flying in yesterday from Davao (which reminds me of the discounted tickets that we had to forgo as a consequence of the decision to go for the road trip...deep inside, it still hurts a bit).

After the kuwentuhan, we had to stop the kids' Wii session to hit the sack.  We're looking forward to writing about our first five days...because there's just so much to tell.  For now, only exhaustion is stopping us from typing the night away. 

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joi said...

love it..
kakantahin ko ng paulit-ulit

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