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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Insect Adobo and Exotic Foods in Northern and Central Luzon

There's another reason to be excited about going to Central and Northern Luzon and that is the opportunity to try exotic delicacies like Camaru (cricket adobo) and other dishes that feature various edible insects as main ingredients!

During our road trips, we have always made it a point to try local cuisine, particularly those that can only be found in that region. Our kids enjoyed the sea urchin in Surigao and we think that they'd easily overcome the "weirdness" (or more accurately "disgust" to many people) of eating insects.

With the many compelling reasons to include insects in our diet and the growing movement worldwide to adopt entomophagy or the practice of eating insects as a way of life (see video below), it is but proper to educate our kids about it and make it a fun thing to do as part of learning during our travels.

Mama Sez and I had our first experience many years ago trying out ant eggs/pupae soup and fried dragonflies, among other insect dishes, when one of my Entomology classes composed of Filipino and international students decided to have an insect eating party!  We haven't followed through with the practice since then.  So we look forward to eating insect dishes expertly prepared by Kapampangans and Ilocanos.  Now it's a matter of fitting all schedules and requirements together in one long weekend sometime soon.

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