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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Island Travel's Blog It Contest

Attention Bloggers! Wanna earn easy money?...Blog It!

Yes, Island Travel also has a contest specifically for bloggers.

For a couple of minutes in front of your computer, you'll have a chance to win $5 in a raffle and/or $5 for having the best blog promoting any of the three contests at Island Travel.

It's so easy.

Just click on this link or the icon above and grab an icon code promoting one of the three contests. Stick it in your blog post and write anything to attract your readers to join the contests. The full explanation is found in the site you link to so you don't have to worry about details.

Hey have I told you that you have three chances of winning if you blog the three contests separately? You can even have additional entries if you have another blog or website where you post announcements about these contests. When you're done, just email the link to islandtravelphilippines[at]gmail.com so we can validate your entry.

Easy, isn't it? So blog right away and beat the competition to the draw!

Of course, you can also join the other contests.

Here's a sample blog promoting Guess Where We Are Challenge.


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1 comments: on "Island Travel's Blog It Contest"

redamethyst said...

hi. I already have a blog about this, I created two already, need to create more. hehhe
in the mean time can you please help me by joining a contest, here's the instructions http://redamethyst.blogspot.com/2010/03/tickticktick-few-days-left.html

it's very easy plus you have a chance to win prizes. thank you

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