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Friday, February 19, 2010

Island Travel's Guess Where We Are Contest

NOTE: This is a sample blog post to promote the first contest: "Guess Where We Are" Challenge


The newest travel blog, ISLAND TRAVEL, is giving away between $2-$5 per challenge just to guess where the island vacationers are. They will be posting photos and blogs from the places they've been while they're on the road for 60 days. In certain blog posts, readers will be "challenged" or asked to guess where they are based on a specific photo as a clue.  So if you are good at naming places in the country or been around to many Philippines tourist destinations, this is your chance to earn some easy money.

Anybody can participate after signing up as a follower in either Google Friend Connect, Twitter or Facebook, or subscribing via email. Prepare your paypal or BPI accounts just in case you win (other payment options may be requested as well).

The challenges will be spread throughout the sixty days of travel, so there are many chances to win.  So visit Island Travel daily starting March 22 and meet each challenge head on.  Remember, the most accurate answer wins.  Therefore, although being first to take a guess helps, having the most accurate answer is still best.  You may also post more than one answer for each challenge, but post it in separate days.

For more details, visit ISLAND TRAVEL KICK OFF PROMO.  By the way, bloggers can win some cash also, click (put the link to your other post here).

Note: You can either blog the three contests together or separately.  I opted for separate blogging in this example (plus the next two to be posted next time) to maximize the number of chances to win in the raffle draw because one blog post=1 raffle entry.

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