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Sunday, March 21, 2010

And We're Off to a Good Start

March 21, 6:21 AM- We took our first meter of the thousands of kilometers we'd travel to see the whole Philippines in our 60-day road trip.

The kids were told to wake up at 4:00 AM but they set their alarm earlier than this.  This morning, they excitedly woke us up way ahead of our own schedule. Our Uncle also came earlier than expected. Feels like it's only a dream that the wait is finally over.

Our breakfast was the second lechon manok we cannot finish last night during Lolo's birthday dinner and despidida for everyone. Then we started loading, made adjustments to our packed stuff to accommodate most, gave final instructions to those who'd be left behind, and we're off.

The sun was out but hidden by some clouds. Twenty minutes into the travel, it drizzled and when we got to Panabo City, it was raining. Good sign, I said, we'll be bringing an end to El Nino to the places we'll go...so let the law of attraction work for us, those we meet and the places we'll visit! It's a good sign indeed...everything will work out...much better than planned.

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