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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some Updates and Contest Reminders

I checked on the countdown widget to the right and it's about right, give-take few hours. We're on the edge of our sanity as we cram the last few things in our to-do lists and bite the bullet so to speak as we made another adjustment to our date of departure.

March 21 it is! We might miss our relatives from Nevada if we do not give an extra travel day, an allowance for delays, etc. They're leaving on the 27th and in our last schedule, we're arriving Laguna on the evening of 26th. It's just too close for comfort. Our visiting Tita and Tito have requested pomelo, mangosteen and lanzones from Davao (and even an herbal tea!).  They can't find lanzones in Laguna around this time! and it's the Tita's fave fruit.  We can't have her leave without a taste of our luscious lanzones, right?

A Reminder on Contest Requirement.  All of the ongoing four contests require that you follow/friend us in any of the following: Facebook Networked Blogs, Google Friend Connect or Twitter.  It's as simple as clicking on the "follow" button of the appropriate social networking option at the bottom of this page.

Guess Where We Are Challenge.  Postings for this contest will start to appear anytime between March 21 and May 20.  So watch out daily for the blog post title along this line "Guess Where We Are # __".  The prize for each challenge (=post) will vary between $2 to $5 depending on the degree of difficulty of the challenge. One can have as many guesses as one wants as long as they are posted in the comment section of that particular challenge in different dates (based on Philippine Standard Time). Remember that the comments will be moderated to screen out those that do not fulfill the requirements, particularly that pertaining to following us (see paragraph above).

Blog It Contest is open until May 15.  So you can still blog about these contests and get a chance to win $5 in a raffle or $5 based on quality and referring power of your post. Check the Kick Off Promo mechanics for details.

Blog That Photo Contest.  Use any of the photos posted in this site until May 31 and blog about it.  Get a chance to win $15, $10 or $5 for the top three blog posts, respectively.  See Kick Off Promo mechanics for details.

Share the Promo Video and Win Golden Shield with SPF50. You may grab the video from youtube, Facebook or in this promo post, then share it to your friends or readers via Facebook, a blog or twitter. Details can be found in Island Travel Promotional Video and Contest.  This video share and win promo runs until April 30.

If you need to reach us, send message to islandtravelphilippines[at]gmail.com.  We'll get back to you as soon as our situation in the field allows us to access the internet. Cheers!

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