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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bubble Walk in Davao City

Davao City is known for beaches, particularly the white-sand beaches in surrounding towns, such as those in the Island Garden City of Samal, which is a mere 10-minute boat ride.

But for those preferring swimming pools over beaches, there are several choices within the city. One of these is Garden Oasis that has two pools (the smaller one is a kiddie pool). Bubble walk has become an attraction at Garden Oasis. Our school-age kids and their cousins tried it and definitely enjoyed it.

The idea is to put air into the huge ball while a person is inside. Then the ball with the person is pushed to the pool and he/she can now walk, run or crawl to get the ball moving around the pool. The 15-minute limit is observed to ensure that enough oxygen is inside the enclosed ball for the person inside. It costs 50 pesos per 15 minutes. Mama Sez blogged about it at Parenting Journey.

Garden Oasis also has several function rooms, a restaurant, a hotel and a landscaped yard that has become popular for garden weddings. Convenience because of it's strategic location in Obrero within the city is a primary reason for holding events at Garden Oasis.

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4 comments: on "Bubble Walk in Davao City"

_el@i_ said...

i want to try that! i have been to blue haven and paradise island. is garden oasis near them?

Papa Sez said...

Hi _el@i_, Garden Oasis is in Barrio Obrero (I think it's Porras St) in downtown Davao City, so you don't need to take a boat to cross to Samal. Obrero is between the general vicinity of Bajada and Agdao. Hope you can try the bubble walk soon.


Weekend Haven said...

Nice, I got to try one of those soon. Its been a while since I visited Davao. Will look forward on some interesting activities on my next visit :)

Papa Sez said...

Yeah, you should visit more often Weekend Haven. How far away are you from Davao?

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