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Sunday, March 14, 2010


"BLOG THAT PHOTO" is one of the three contests announced in the Island Travel Kick Off Promo post and it is open to all bloggers.

We are making this separate post so that blog entries (URL) can be posted under the comments section and get maximum exposure for the later second phase that involves voting by our readers/followers to win the top three spots. Read the guidelines below as previously posted, with modification on the photos that can be blogged about.

"We expect to be posting many photos of the places we'll visit and faces we'll encounter during our Island Travel adventure. We don't want them to go to waste, but instead we want to show them to as many people as possible.

Since "a picture paints a thousand words", we want you to take those words from the photos and write it as a post in your blog site. You may choose any of the photos posted on this travel blog until May 31. There's no limit to the number of entries (=posts) you can submit. The last blog post entry should be done on or before May 31.

The only requirements are: a) put the "BLOG THAT PHOTO" contest button prominently on your blog post; b) attribute the photo(s) you used to the specific page(s) you found the photo(s) in this blog site; and, c) email islandtravelphilippines[at]gmail.com each time you post so that we can check it out.

What are at stake? The best "blog that photo" post will be awarded $15. The second and third placers will receive $10 and $5, respectively.

How do we determine the winners? This is a two-stage contest.

i.) After May 31, we will choose the top ten "blog that photo" posts based on quality. Did the blog post do justice to the photo selected? Is it free from careless errors in writing? Is it appealing to the general public? There is no minimum or maximum length of posts as these depend on the subject (photo) and the style of the blogger. We will leave that up to individual blogger's judgment.

ii.) After the top ten are identified, these will be voted upon by readers and followers of Island Travel."
Now, after blogging about any photo in this travel blog, you may call everybody's attention to it by posted a comment with the URL of your entry.

Enjoy the photos and enjoy blogging!

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Ellen Joy said...

Hi there,

Here's a link to my first entry :)

Looking forward to more pics that I can blog about. :)

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