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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Calls to Surigao del Norte

Made some phone calls today to get information about Surigao and other possible arrangements when we get to that area. I got some of my questions answered but had to wait for tomorrow and a few more days to satisfy my other queries.

The Provincial Tourism Office of Surigao del Norte was able to assist me by referring me to their local counterparts. I confirmed that there is indeed an option to stay in the mainland and kick off from Claver port, which is the nearest point to go to Sohoton Cove.

There's also a better option of staying in Bucas Grande Island instead of Siargao Island if one is more interested in a Sohoton visit than surfing. The owner of Hidden Island Resort was more accommodating than the foreigner (owner?) I spoke to about Club Tara. Hidden Island Resort can make arrangements for our car parking in the mainland and the boat ride to the island.

I have yet to speak to the Tourism Officer of Socorro Municipality, the LGU in-charge of Sohoton Park, where most of our activities will be done...especially the swimming with non-stinging jellyfish. The cell number seemed to be always out of reach. It was the same with the Tourism Officer of Claver who failed to answer my calls, while "all lines are busy" in their office landline.

As for the ferry schedule, only one ferry is doing the route between Lipata, Surigao del Norte and Liloan, Southern Leyte today as two of the vessels are dry-docked for maintenance. This is regularly done in preparation for the peak travel season starting in April. I just hope there will be more trips on March 23/24 when we need to cross the gap between Mindanao and Leyte.

I will be posting the numbers I used to get information as references or travel resources online when I confirm that the lines are indeed functional.

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