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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Shoutbox Feature is Added

We got feedback that it was difficult for some visitors/readers to leave a comment in this travel blog. This was a consequence of requiring commenters to log in some form of identification (email or other IDs, including OpenID) prior to posting their comments. These we had to do because of the need to acquire email address (for verification purposes) for those joining the "Guess Where We Are Contest" that would start when we begin our road trip.

We are relaxing that a bit. The comment section is now open to anybody (including anonymous commenters), but we will moderate the comment section of the Guess Where We Are Contest posts only, so that we can verify that those joining the contest are followers via Twitter, Google Friend Connect or Facebook, or an email subscriber (which is a requirement to join as announced here).

To encourage even more feedback, a new channel is opened-- a shoutbox is placed at the bottom right corner near the "subscribe" section.

You can use it as you may, hopefully to let us know what you think is good as well as those that needs to be improved about this site or about our travel. We value your feedback so let us know what you think.

The other communication channels-- the now less restrictive comment section of each blog and email islandtravelphilippines[at]gmail.com - would, of course, continue to be available for you.

Thanks in advance for participating.

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1 comments: on "A Shoutbox Feature is Added"

House of Light said...

Shoutbox, I love it to interact with other people..

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