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Monday, March 1, 2010

March is Marching In Strong

There's no holding it back! March is finally here.

With so much to do to prepare for our vacacion grande to kick off this month, we are feeling the pressure.  Indeed, the excitement is accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of awe-- in a sense that this is our first road trip that entails thousands of kilometers of travel, and we'll be away from home for about 60 days! 

We have already made general arrangements for what we are leaving behind for two months, but then again the devil is in the details.  So, to-do lists or checklists are needed for the various aspects of our responsibilities-- in the actual travel (schedule, route, accommodation, etc.) and in what we're leaving behind (bills, subscriptions, etc.)

Unrelated to family events and milestones, March is also special as "Araw ng Dabaw" is celebrated this month.  I was reminded about it this afternoon when I heard radio ads promoting gimmicks of certain local establishments to celebrate Araw ng Dabaw.

So far, what I found out is that the 2010 Araw ng Dabaw celebrations will be compressed in three days on March 14 to 16 instead of five to seven days in the past. Nonetheless, we can still expect the regular Araw ng Dabaw highlights such as Mutya ng Dabaw, Datu Bago Awards, Museo Dabawenyo Historical Exhibit, Agro-Industrial Fair, SaliDabaw, Sayawan sa Da’n, Banda Hudyaka, People’s Park Presents, and Parada Dabawenyo...just packed in these three days. This 73rd City Charter Anniversary will revolve around the theme of "Stability is Power" and "Women Empowerment."  The latter is in line with the International Women's Month, which is celebrated in March.

So expect much activity in this travel blog as we approach our final 20 days of preparation for our island travel adventure. Celebrations that fall this month would also be highlighted.  Perhaps we can jumpstart by posting photos of landmarks and events around Davao in the next few days.

So, let March march in strong...and let's not be caught unprepared. Cheers!

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