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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

People's Park of Davao City

The People's Park is a tribute to the people of Davao-- a laudable concept that sets Davao City apart from other towns and cities in the Philippines where public parks/landmarks are usually named after politicians or in honor of famous people in the local or national scene.

Even more impressive is the fact that the area is prime location, within the traditional center of Davao City and near tourist spots and commercial establishments, including the Apo View Hotel, the Royal Mandaya Hotel, and JS Gaisano Mall, which are all within 100m from the park. So instead of making money from possible real estate sale, it was transformed into a park for public use.

The area, known as PTA Grounds before, was an open, poorly maintained athletic field, more bare soil than turf, which was not unlike most towns/cities in the country where parks are negligible, almost bereft of trees and poorly maintained. Now the park hosts concerts, shows and certain regular events, such as the early weekend morning aerobics classes, that are open to the public.

The People's Park also showcases Davao culture and arts. Most prominent are the giant sculptures of renowned local artist Kublai Milan.

There’s much to admire about the concept and the intention of providing for recreational and cultural services to the people…contributing to the livability of Davao City.

In celebration of the 73rd Araw ng Dabaw, we write this blog post to salute the city government for giving back to the people the services and infrastructure due to them.

Mabuhay Dabaw!

Note: Park’s schedule is 5-8 AM and 1-10PM, in time for morning exercise routine and evening walks and family after work activities.

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5 comments: on "People's Park of Davao City"

EdZee said...

We were there in Davao City last third week of February, 2010 for the 2nd MICAS held in SM City-Davao and we were really impressed by your People's Park. I believe it's the people's awareness and involvement in the affairs of yourlocal government that makes Davao City a progressive one nowadays. Keep up the good work!

Badet said...

My husband went here went he climbed Mt. Apo. I wish I can visit this too =)

Papa Sez said...

@EdZee, whenever people are involved with governance and public officials see their job as serving the people, good things happen. I hope Davao and the Philippines in general would move towards the path of better service to the Filipinos.

@yes Badet, I think the next time your husband comes, he should bring you to Davao as well. Not just to climb Mt Apo =)

Unknown said...

How interesting! I wish I could visit in the near future.

Island Travel said...

You're always welcome to Davao City Carmen. Let us know, we might bump into each other =D


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