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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update on Unwelcomed Turn of Events

It’s already two weeks since the unwanted incident happened and yet there’s not much progress since then, particularly pertaining to the repair of our vehicle so that we can recommence our island travels.

It might be another test of our patience, and we can easily fail at times, but we’re still holding on trying to view the incident in the best possible light. But 'frustrating' is a mild word to describe our interactions with some of those involved in the vehicular accident.

When trust is breached, it’s difficult to stay kindhearted and generous. It’s clear that certain parties wanted to exploit the situation for monetary gains, and what should’ve been the primary concern of all parties is taking a backseat. Goodwill flew out of the window when duplicitous persons took hostage of the situation.

Anyway, we obviously cannot hold off decisions forever, so we’ll try to make the most of our current situation and move on with our lives.

We’ll gradually resume our blogs and write the articles that we’ve been putting on-hold as we’re really unable to sit down to write when we’re on the road. Who knows, some great articles might come out while we’re grounded here in Laguna.

Decisions and updates about Island Travel contests and promos will also be made known soon.

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2 comments: on "Update on Unwelcomed Turn of Events"

josie said...

kaya nyo yan Papa & Mama Sez, good luck!

Island Travel said...

Hi josie, you've always been there to say encouraging words. Thanks for expressing your confidence in us.

Best regards, Papa Sez & Mama Sez

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