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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Go Out and Vote

One of the reasons why we're doing this Island Travel Adventure as enumerated when we started the countdown is to exercise our right to vote in the May 10, 2010 elections.  For us, it's an important exercise to participate in as we see it as an opportunity to express our views on how the country should proceed...either to go business as usual or to take a different path.

We have expressed our view that this election is about restoring TRUST in a country where distrust and dishonesty are pervasive.  We also announced our preference for Noynoy Aquino-Mar Roxas and their senatorial line-up in our other blog as the people who we can trust to keep their word and bring about the change we need in this country.  But regardless of your opinion on this matter and your preferences for or against national and local candidates, all Filipinos of voting age should go out and vote!  

It is our civil and moral duty to do so.  It is our chance to shape our future as a people...the future of a country that we're going to bequeath our children and theirs.  Let's go out.  Let's vote!

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