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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The First Rain

Los Banos, Laguna, May 28, 2:45 PM - It finally came…the first rain to hopefully signal the end of summer heat and let’s not forget, El Nino here in Laguna. The anticipation of rain has been a daily conversation topic with a new neighbor ever since we moved in to an apartment early this week.

Many were afternoons when all we get from the heavy dark clouds, supposedly signs of impending rain, were disappointment and worse, more intense discomfort brought about by the high humidity that goes with such clouds. Those were the times when one is thankful for air-conditioning units for instant relief, never mind the electric bill at month’s end. Such relief is critical for babies, oldies and persons with hypertension and similar conditions that gets aggravated with heat and humidity.

Despite the hassle that it brought us as we were moving stuffs we bought from a local store when the rain poured, we welcomed it with a smile and sighs of relief. So happy was I that I invited our kids to shower in the rain, an activity that happens rarely, if at all. The kids next door, however, were not so lucky to get the consent they sought from their parents and had to be content with watching us and the rain through their windows.

The rain lasted for a few minutes only, but a good portion was a downpour, enough to truly wet the Los Banos downtown area…enough to make the plants happy…enough to bless many families with a good night sleep even without air-conditioning…and enough for everyone to hope for a longer relief from the heat of summer and El Nino. Would we be so lucky again today?

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