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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Extended Vacation

It sure feels like it! What if you’re still in a place you only intended to visit and spend time during summer but ended up staying longer? What if you’re housed next to a hotspring resort, near the lake and with a view to the sunset across Laguna de Bay?

Well, it’s happening to us…we’re on an extended vacation, sort-of. We’ve decided to stay longer in the town where we originally started our family. Staying longer means renting a place for the family, and we got a good one near our relatives, which is a main requirement for us.

It was not that difficult a decision to move to a new place, especially when the kids were most excited when they were asked about it and are actually happiest when their Tita Tin, Tito Jay and Tito Cris are around. Of course we had to do the most difficult part, i.e. facilitating the transfer, including the transfer to a new Montessori school.

Well, school has started and so far so good.

While the hassles of getting used to a new place and some degree of longing for the comfort of a home we’ve gotten used to for years also get to us at times, we relish on the thought of new possibilities on the horizon, which is enough to get us through.

When one feels like having an extended vacation, the excitement never runs out. But things should settle down somehow and we’re getting there. And the signs tell us that a new season has begun, but then again the adventure continues…

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