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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Top Five Signs that the Rainy Season is Here in Los Banos, Laguna

Yes, after the much anticipated and celebrated first rain in Los Banos, Laguna, many signs indicate that the summer season has indeed ended and the rainy season is at hand. Here are our top five signs that the rains are here to stay:

1. More overcast and less sunny period. Since the first one about a week ago and without missing a day, rain has become a daily event in the town of Los Banos. We even had a swimming party that was rained over.

2. Troublesome laundry. There are changes in the laundry process, namely: appearance of urine-soaked sheets and extended air-drying of clothes under a canopy, among others. The latter is obviously a consequence of the shortened exposure of the laundered clothes to the sun because of increasing overcast and rain period, while the former has to do with colder nights that may result in “accidental rain” under the sheets. This is particularly true for families with preschoolers or toddlers that are in the early stage of weaning from diapers. Our own toddler who’s turning three in a few months has almost perfected last month without diaper and without “accidents”. However, he has wet the bed in most recent nights except in one when a diaper was successfully put on while he’s fast asleep. You see, he refuses to wear one ever since we encouraged and praised him for not needing it.

3. Mating flights of soil insects. As moisture become sufficient to soften the dry earth, which is a better condition for the establishment of new nests, soon-to-be queen and king termites or ants leave their old colony and perform their nuptial flights. Aerial displays of these insects and their attraction towards light at night have started to become irritants as they enter houses. Eateries even closed early on the initial big swarm of tiny winged ants on the first day of June here in Los Banos as they go to exposed lights and accidentally fall into food and even get into people’s eyes!  

Note: in the photo to the right are bodies of two species of ants on our lawn chair found in the morning after.  At the bottom are fecal material of lizards that feasted on the winged ants that swarmed around an outdoor light that night.

4. Mud on shoes and slippers. This is a big deal for people who like their shoes squeaky clean. It’s also a big deal for our toddler who likes to run around but hates sand or wet soil on his slippers. He wants the mud off immediately through washing that makes the situation worse as soil easily clings to wet slippers and feet that again irritates him even more.

5. Greener grounds. Dormant seeds and vegetative parts get enough moisture to emerge and thus making what used to be dry, bare soil green. Greener, happier plants contribute to a greener, happier environment- a much appreciated ambiance to replace the hot sunny days of summer that is now but a memory and at the same time a dream to look forward to next year.

It’s goodbye summer…a new season has begun!

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