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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Romualdez Museum (Santo Nino Shrine) in Tacloban, Leyte Part 3

Tacloban City, 22 March 2010 - We feature in this third part of a series of posts on the Romualdez Museum, aka Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Museum, some priceless art pieces found in the two-storey mansion built for/by former first lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

The centerpiece of the Firefly Room made up of clams and shells
This centerpiece, made up of clams and shells that are abundant in Tacloban, was placed in the Firefly Room.

Malakas at Maganda legend carved in wood in the Romualdez Museum
The legendary Malakas at Maganda immortalized in this wood carving that took almost a whole wall is the main attraction inside the Firefly Room.

An elaborate metal vase in the Romualdez MuseumA religious art work in the main ground floor hall of the Romualdez Museum
Rica and Leon's attention was drawn to this huge metal vase in one of the rooms. To the right is an art piece featuring the Risen Jesus Christ, which is placed in the main hall (chapel) of the ground floor.

Pope John Paul II's seat during his visit to the PhilippinesPresident Ferdinand Marcos' seat during Pope John Paul II's visit to the Philippines
These chairs with their respective emblems were used by Pope John Paul II (left) and President Ferdinand Marcos (right) during the Pope's visit to the Philippines.

A heavily ornamented cabinet in the Romualdez Museum
An elaborately decorated cabinet in one of the bedrooms in the Romualdez Mansion Museum.

Kids inspecting the collection of paper bills in the Romualdez MuseumSample bills in the Romualdez Museum collection
The kids found a room in the second floor with a collection of Philippine bills over the years.  I wonder how much these 20-peso bills are worth today.

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