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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Romualdez Museum (Santo Nino Shrine) in Tacloban, Leyte Part 4

Tacloban City, 22 March 2010 - The mansion, aka Romualdez Museum or Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Center, was never intended to house Imelda Romualdez Marcos and family. It was just to showcase the ostentatious taste and "aristocratic origin" of then First Lady of the Philippines.  It is, therefore, not surprising to find out that the former First Family never actually slept in their supposedly bedrooms.

Below are bedrooms of the mansion that caught our attention:

Imelda's room in the Romualdez Museum
This is Imelda's extravagant bedroom that elicited a huge smile from Mama Sez while examining the place.

Imelda's bathtub in the Romualdez Museum
Imelda's bath tub with a simulated view of the sea.  It was here when the conversation with our tour guide turned juicier and supposedly intimate details about the famous First Couple became the topic. 

A very distinctive vase in Imelda's room, Romualdez MuseumA room with lizard motif
The dragons on this unique pink vase in Imelda's bedroom caught Leon's eyes, while Zeki took an interest of the lizard design in the next bedroom.

Ferdinand Marcos' room in the Romualdez Museum
This is the former Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos' designated bedroom.

Carved wooden headboard of a bed in the Coconut Room
The coconut-inspired bedroom with elegantly crafted wooden headboard.  Notice the "coconut" pillows on top.

A gong in a Mindanao room in the Romualdez Museum
One of the bedrooms attributed to a Mindanao indigenous tribe.  This huge gong surely attracts closer inspection and tapping like what Leon is doing in this photo.

The Bamboo Room in the Romualdez Museum
This bamboo-inspired bedroom is full of ideas for those who adore bamboos for interior decorating.

The Butterfly Room in the Romualdez Museum
Of course, we would not leave out the Butterfly bedroom.  Besides the preserved butterflies on frames, there are many butterfly-inspired decorations such as the mirror frame in this photo.

View the other photos of the Romualdez Museum that we've posted earlier:

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2 comments: on "Romualdez Museum (Santo Nino Shrine) in Tacloban, Leyte Part 4"

Luray va accommodations | Virginia bed and breakfast said...

This museum's showcases have the gorgeous attraction and the pictures bring back my MalacaƱan Palace trip memories. Thanks for sharing this info and no doubt it is a place that must to visit during Philippines trip.

Best Regards,

Papa Sez said...

Good to hear you enjoyed the photos and we hope you'll have another opportunity to visit the Philippines again.


Papa Sez

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